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My first event prompted by social media.  How exciting!  Here’s goes:


Arcanum, Adult Fantasy  


Naomi is the best healer in all of Nevre’stra.  She shares a bond with the wolves, which heightens her senses and allows her to make a diagnosis based solely on the scent of an infection.  While scouting the wilderness to help those in need, Naomi encounters her greatest fear, a marauder.  She survives the brutal attack and permanently returns to her home in the city, forever scarred by the violent memories.

Nearly eight years later, the marauder, Delventrus, returns.  Now he wants Naomi’s daughter, Dana’lia.  He forces Naomi to choose between the life of her mate or relinquishing Dana’lia to him.  Naomi does not have time to wait for the city guards or the wolves to intervene, she must decide.  Yet unbeknownst to her, Delventrus has discovered a source of limitless power, and Dana’lia is the key to the source of the power.  Naomi’s dire choice potentially harbors drastic consequences for not only herself but also the inhabitants of Nevre’stra.

First 250 Words: 

Pillars of afternoon sunlight poured in through the tall, narrow windows of the barracks infirmary.  Naomi neTara, the healer, the Luparian, gently held the swollen, red hands of the little girl in front of her.  Clear humor trickled from open sores and black lesions made her pitiful hands grotesque.  The redness seeped up to her wrists but the black lesions were mainly on her palms and fingertips.  It was easy to see why the barracks healer, a former apprentice of Naomi, thought the girl displayed symptoms of Shepherd’s Plague.  Such would be the end of the little girl and disaster for the township she traveled from for help.  But Naomi did not worry.  She held her nose close to the little girl’s hands, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.  She let the scent of the affliction roll across her olfactories and settle on the back of her tongue.  Naomi inhaled again to be sure.

A wolf padded along the hidden deer-trails of the forest.  When he detected an enticing odor on the wind, he stopped for a moment.  It had been days since he had eaten, since he journeyed from his pack and family in search of his own territory and mate.  The odor on the wind was meat, rotting in the sun, not choice parts but entrails.  It didn’t matter, anything would do.  He sniffed at the entrance of a burrow but the scent of prey was stale.  The rabbits were long gone.



Random Stuffs Here

The world spins.  I feel like I am closer to being published than ever before.  This is all internal of course.  The reality is an unknown variable; solve for X.  I have the polished manuscript, the masterfully crafted query letter, the table to keep track of which agents reject me….  And yet something stops me from sending those queries.  Part of me is ready, part of me is not.  This is the struggle.  And while my fears and hopes grapple, I randomly click on things online (Reddit, Imgur, DeviantArt).  I stare at the ceiling at night.  I let insomnia take over.  I wonder and worry…. And while wondering and worrying, I know that to do so is pointless.  It achieves nothing.  But who am I…. Am I a writer?  Or am I just a hapless worrier?

And then my computer’s hard drive died.  Hmm…. The files are remotely backed up, for which I am thankful.  But dealing with a hard drive crash right on the brink of query letter submission makes one rethink everything.  Maybe I am just a hapless worrier….

Last night, instead of staring at the ceiling, I grabbed my phone and just started wayfaring from link to link and page to page.  I landed someplace that finally captivated my interest.  A curious comic called Cat Fox Wolf.  It is dry and witty and sentimental.  I love the art work and have found that the artist also writes great prose (found in replies to questions if not in the actual comic).  So cool.  Much neat.  Want more.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, check it out.  I think you will like it.

catfoxwolf_wolf crossing


Meanwhile I will continue summoning the courage to eventually submit my query letter…

Ho hum.